Open media server framework

Status alpha
Photo by Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

Tooloop is a platform for media artists to safely and easily develop and deploy multimedia installations.

  • 1

    Get a box

    Choose from a good range of industrial-grade hardware, provided by professional partners.

  • 2

    Install the OS

    The operating system is specifically crafted for live and public installations. It has features to monitor and manage your box remotely.

  • 3

    Run your app

    Some standard apps come built-in.
    However, Tooloop really shines when running your own software.

Built for critical missions

Built on linux.
No crashes, no viruses.

Minimal system, Low memory footprint.
All power to you.

No hardware guesswork.
Just works.

Easy to manage
Remote-Management and confidence monitoring built-in.

Distraction free
Quiet boot, no popups, no updates.
No show-stoppers.

Rock solid
Industrial-grade hardware that’s built to last.

Get involved

It’s open source

We are media artists and studios in the media and entertainment industry. Our work demands computer systems that run reliably – live and in public.

We want to have fun, be be creative and productive.
We don't want the IT to get in our way more than absolute necessary.

Let’s build an environment that makes our lives easier and let’s us focus on the things we love – doing art.


Need help?

I’m for hire!

My name is Daniel and I am the maintainer of the Tooloop project.
I do designs and technical concepts for multimedia presentations, shows and kinetic installations.

I would love to help you with yours.

Get in touch